In 2001, BMW introduced the first iDrive infotainment system, featuring a revolutionary approach to driver interaction with their car, which set the benchmark for others to follow.
Today, the wealth of BMW functions offers numerous assistance systems and digital connectivity with clear, easy-to use vehicle controls based on the most advanced technology. BMW iDrive is a far more integrated operation, which enables more natural interaction with the driver via voice control and touchscreen display. When combined with the BMW Operating System 8, this interaction is more intuitive, personalised and intelligent than ever before.

At a glance:

BMW ID: a personal user ID is registered on all BMW digital touchpoints, such as the My BMW app.
BMW iDrive: a modern, intuitive, smart user interface, with personalisation and connectivity via BMW ID.
BMW Operating System 8: the most powerful BMW software, updated remotely so always up to date.
BMW Curved Display touchscreen: central and driver- oriented visual infotainment, offering set up of one-touch user favourites.
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant: a proactive voice assistant, that cleverly adapts to recognise each user.
My Modes: display graphics, light and sound combine to create different moods to the interior.
A friendly welcome: when approaching the car, welcome lights are triggered and activation of personal settings.
Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: wireless, secure, seamless integration of third-party smartphone apps.

The BMW iDrive system – intuitive and contemporary driver operation, with reduced number of buttons.


BMW Curved Display touchscreen.
• Intuitive BMW iDrive is designed for voice and touchscreen control via the BMW Curved Display.
• Standard in BMW models with Operating System 8.
• Combines modern display of information and control functions, including set up of short cuts.
• Typical BMW driver-orientated position enables ergonomic touch control.
• High quality slimline display with anti-reflective glass, elegantly integrates with instrument panel.

The BMW Curved Display is ergonomically angled towards the driver and appears to float above the dashboard.

Fewer buttons and switches.
• Many manual operations by the driver replaced with smart system control, so fewer buttons and switches
eg heating controls.
• BMW iDrive is tailored to the respective model and in some cases dispenses with central console BMW iDrive Controller in favour of touch controls, as seen in the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.
• Minimalist design that relies on almost invisible innovative technology known as ‘Shy Tech’, as seen in the BMW iX.
• Controls still present for frequently used functions eg light, seat adjustment and customary driver aids.

‘Shy Tech’ in the BMW iX creates minimalist design, with fewer, almost invisible, integrated controls.
A composition of design, light and sound.
• ‘BMW My Modes’ create different moods in the interior by changing the instrument graphics, light and sound.
• One command operation for an immersive driving experience.
• Accessed by voice or a button on the central console.
• Current settings include Personal, Efficient and Sport.

The emotive presentation of ‘BMW My Modes’ show in the instrument graphics.

A friendly welcome.
• User experience begins before the journey has started.
• On approach a sophisticated welcome sequence is triggered.
• The car recognises the owner’s key or smartphone at a distance of three metres.
• A light show is activated involving the front and rear lights, as well as the interior lighting.
• An exclusive ‘BMW Light Carpet’ welcomes the driver.
• Door and tailgate handles are also illuminated.
• Vehicle unlocks automatically and adjusts to the user’s settings, with a personal greeting on the screen inside.

The ‘BMW Light Carpet’ welcomes the driver with shape and intensity changing on approach.


BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.
• An intuitive, integrated digital service.
• Humanising technology, that interacts naturally with driver and co-driver dialogue.
• New predictive and proactive functions.
• Reduces the number of manual operations.
• Graphics, light and sound effects add a new dimension to interaction with the driver.
• The assistant pro-actively helps familiarise more rarely used vehicle functions and will recommend parking and charging options along a navigated route.

The only voice assistant with a free choice of name.
• Intelligently understands natural language and learns different dialects.
• Say “Hey BMW” or a personalised user name.
• In conjunction with the BMW Navigation system, the assistant can look up addresses and recommend restaurants.
• Regular over-the air updates further expand functionality with new voice commands added.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant: animated graphics add a visual dimension to the BMW digital assistant.



The BMW Curved Display is angled towards the driver with emphasis on voice and touch control functions.

Augmented View uses the front camera to show live video in the Control Display.

Intelligent connectivity.

• Outstanding level of connectivity, innovative user interaction and high-performing infotainment system created from developed digital software.

• After logging in with a personal ID, the system automatically loads saved and learned driver preferences and supplements them with real-time traffic information, navigation destinations, parking options and charging stops which are added for electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.
• Owners can communicate with their car via the My BMW app eg to activate the climate control system, check the car is locked and when the Interior Camera feature is selected, monitor the interior.

Selected digital services from BMW iDrive:
Smartphone integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto gives access to functions and apps of the paired smartphone via the instrument panel, the Control Display, the Head-Up Display or using spoken commands. Smartphone specific voice control systems are recognised and simply activated with a long press on the Push to Talk button.

BMW Digital Key Plus is used by the driver on a compatible Apple iPhone and shared with other Apple iPhones. It starts the welcome light sequence scenario and unlocks the doors on approach to the car.
BMW Maps is a cloud-based traffic information system that offers digital services for route planning and guidance, as well as parking options and for electric and Plug-in Hybrid models, it shows colour-coded charging stations availability. The Learning Navigation function works in conjunction with a personal BMW ID. It learns habits and anticipates likely destinations. On regular routes, delays and hazards are warned in advance even if the navigation’s route guidance hasn’t been activated. There are different map views and in electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles, visualisation of the car’s electric range.
Augmented View shows live video in the Control Display from the car’s front camera and supplements it with virtual information on active route guidance or visible points of interest.


BMW Remote Software upgrades keeps you up-to-date.
• All BMW cars with BMW Operating Systems 7 and 8 always run the latest software.
• Up to three times a year, over-the-air software upgrades are released, adding enhanced or new functions to
compatible vehicles.
• Prepared in the background, installation takes around 20 minutes.

Functions on demand.
• Subscription-based over-the air activation of optional equipment.
• Features in safety, comfort, infotainment and driver assistance.

Using smartphone integration for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, with content from apps controlled via the BMW Curved Display.


Individual settings stored and ready.
• The BMW ID is a personal user ID for logging in to all BMW digital touchpoints, transferable between cars and includes My BMW app.
• For each individual driver profile, BMW iDrive stores vehicle parameters that can be personalised for a BMW
ID, eg seat and steering wheel position, exterior mirrors, navigation preferences, driver assistance, climate and
light settings, Intelligent Personal Assistant language, shortcuts and the personal activation word.
• Up to seven BMW IDs can be recalled per vehicle.

Interplay of BMW iDrive and BMW ID.
• All digital displays, including the instrument panel, Control Display or Head-Up Display can be configured
according to the driver’s personal preferences, with information positioned where they would like to view it.
• Favourite features and settings can be stored as shortcut buttons and accessed via a simple swipe down from the top of the BMW Curved Display.
• Settings are saved automatically, so a driver’s personal display configuration will be shown in any other BMW
running Operating System 8, once logged in with their BMW ID.
• The intelligent automatic climate control system also regulates the steering wheel heating, surface heating,
seat heating and seat ventilation in line with the driver’s personal habits.
• Automating my Habits defines individual routines eg automatic activation of seat or steering wheel heating once the temperature drops below a certain level.

The BMW ID provides access to personal settings in any BMW vehicle equipped with BMW iDrive and Operating System 8.


NB Features of BMW iDrive combined with BMW Operating System 8 may differ between various BMW models. Not all features described are available on all BMW models. Contact an authorised BMW Retailer for more information or visit